What we Offer

Localisation Workflow

"Datapage Localisation team offers a complete range of services at globally competitive prices. Having specialized in DTP and typesetting for almost 25 years, we have served various clients from Europe, UK and USA, ensuring that we always exceed our delivery promises with the use of world class processes and prepress workflow management procedures."

Our large-scale experience in handling non-English content has helped us in setting up in-depth language analysis stages in our standard DTP workflow to focus exclusively on the nuances and characteristics of the languages involved in a particular project. Datapage team understands the overall Localisation workflow cycle very well and are well able to appreciate the intricacies and requirements involved in the various stages of a Localisation project.


Our Management Information System (MIS) serves as a single repository for all information, tracking and planning of schedules and deliveries. Robust data management and facility management processes including storage and recovery procedures, disaster recovery procedures, data security, power backup, hosting service redundancy and threat prevention backup the expertise and technologies.