Company Profile

"Datapage provide services to the world's leading scientific, medical, legal and professional publishers. They choose us because we put their needs first."

Our ultimate aim is to make ourselves ‘easier to do business with’ and this philosophy extends right though our business. We call it Service Without Boundaries. Being easy to do business with is about having the right systems in place - from the bottom up. It’s about being more productive; more efficient than anybody else.

We believe that our highly innovative process, technology and multi-skilled workforce, makes us the most capable and flexible provider in the global publishing industry. We offer expert, on-time project management services for journals, books and reference publications.

We design template layouts and content structures. We take care of data conversion, page production, copyediting and all aspects of e-publishing including XML, XHTML/HTML and e-book requirements. We use worldclass process and prepress workflow management to ensure that we always exceed our delivery promises.


Dublin - Ireland


The Datapage corporate headquarters is located at our Dublin office. This strategic European site enables easy access to US and European markets. Presently, this office focuses on Sales and Marketing and Financial Control.

Dublin management has been engaged in the publishing industry for over 40 years and therefore have an excellent understanding of both the traditional requirements of typography and the demands of e-publishing.

Coimbatore - India

As part of the Datapage Group's continued expansion and diversification plans in India, Datapage Digital Services, a Localisation and typesetting outsourcing company, was established by Datapage Group in September 2009, with a view to branch out to the Localisation industry and tap the potential for providing desktop publishing services to leading translation and Localisation companies worldwide.

The Coimbatore team provides text extraction, file preparation, DTP, DQA and typesetting services to the world's leading translation, Localisation and publishing companies. Having worked on a wide range of Localisation and typesetting subjects, our specialised and professional team has extensive experience in a variety of DTP and typesetting platforms and can efficiently deal with more than 134 languages.