What we Offer

Localisation - DTP

File Preparation

File PreparationAt Datapage, every file preparation project follows a pre-determined, established and proven project path. Our conversion team specialises in extracting translatable text from any type of source PDF file. Our custom-made tools and the latest OCR technology tools enable us to extract text accurately.

The extracted content is thoroughly prepared and validated with the help of an in-house tool to adhere to the customer requirements. Our clean-up and preparation procedures are completely automated and final checks are also done with customer-specific checklists to ensure quality at all levels.

Desktop Publishing

Desktop PublishingDatapage offers a wide range of desktop publishing solutions for various kinds of projects. Backed by several years of experience in technology solutions and a team of skilled professionals using state-of-the-art technology tools, Datapage can accept all industry standard file formats and deliver ready to print/publish files in any popular software used in the typesetting industry.

Our DTP team is highly experienced in handling single-byte, double-byte and multi-byte languages with various levels of complexities, such as, graphics, colors, CAD diagrams, extensive tables and equations. Our high-quality DTP output files are delivered within the agreed schedules and our automated processes aid us, to a large extent, in accommodating urgent requests from clients.

DTP Applications

Some of the common publishing and design software applications that we work with include:


Data Conversion

Data ConversionOur Data Conversion team can convert hardcopy, PDF and application files to a variety of formats including Word files, XML, XHTML, HTML, PDF, E-book and E-Pub files.

Depending on the type and complexity of input files, we use a combination of the most innovative double-key tool and the latest OCR technologies available in the market to capture text from hardcopy. Highly trained conversion and quality control staff, together with an automated conversion workflow, help us in producing content with 99.995% accuracy levels.


Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Project Managers at Datapage work closely with clients to establish a customised QA process that meets the specialised requirements of every project. We also provide stand-alone DQA services for files that are DTP'ed elsewhere. For every project, a comprehensive checklist of check points is drawn up to aid the DQA process.

Major areas that are concentrated on include general layout, pagination, content, tables, file naming and language nuances. The DQA team strictly adheres to our standard QA procedures and checklists to ensure highest accuracy levels at all stages. The team's familiarity with Acrobat's editing tool helps in achieving targets with a full QA of DTP work ensuring the basics such as document size, layout, fonts, styles, TOC, cross-references, graphics and index entries