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Dublin - Ireland


Datapage ireland typesetter


The Datapage corporate headquarters
is located at our Dublin office.

This strategic European site enables easy access to US and European markets.

Presently, this office focuses on Sales and Marketing and Financial Control.

Dublin management has been engaged in the publishing industry for over 40 years and therefore have an excellent understanding of both the traditional requirements of typography and the demands of e-publishing.

Chennai - India

Offshore typesetting chennai Office

Datapage India in Chennai has been in full operation since 2003 and currently employs over 250 staff.

This office is the main production location for Datapage and has been an enormous success since it opened.


It houses some of the most experienced typesetting staff available in India and is run by a very talented team of energetic managers.

The efficiencies and effectiveness in terms of short turnaround times and high quality pre-press services have set up a successful model that promises rapid expansion.

Our multi-tasking approach to typesetting gives Datapage a competitive edge and allows the company to compete on all levels from processing straight text to complex math, medical, chemistry, legal and professional publications.

Coimbatore - India

Offshore typesetting chennai Office

As part of the Datapage Group's continued expansion and diversification plans in India, Datapage Digital Services, a localization process outsourcing company,


was established by Datapage Group in September 2009, with a view to branch out to the localization industry and tap the potential for providing desktop publishing services to leading translation and localization companies worldwide.

The Coimbatore team provides text extraction, file preparation, DTP and DQA services to the world's leading translation, localization and publishing companies. Having worked on a wide range of localization subjects, our specialized and professional team has extensive experience in a variety of DTP platforms and can efficiently deal with more than 35 languages.

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